The Patient Benefit

At Ameriprime Hospice, we provide Medicare benefit coverage that caters to the needs of the patients receiving hospice care without deductions or co-payments. The four levels of care under hospice program allow Ameriprime Hospice to serve our patients with compassionate care.

  • ROUTINE HOME CARE: Patient receives hospice service in their own residence or in a facility. This is considered the basic level of care to provide and maintain patient’s needs.
  • CONTINUOUS CARE: 24 hour skilled nursing hospice care temporarily or for a short period of time during a crisis.
  • GENERAL INPATIENT CARE: The patient is transferred to a contracted facility (i.e. Inpatient Skilled Nursing unit) that would provide round-the-clock hospice care during crisis.
  • RESPITE CARE: The patient is transferred to a contracted facility to give caregiver or family members short break whenever necessary, usually is covered up to 5 days per respite episode.