Volunteer Services

Ameriprime Hospice is proud to have a team of volunteers committed to serve with compassionate care our clients and family members. Volunteers are members of our community willing to spend time with you and provide emotional support, companionship, and other services needed by patients and family members.

Our volunteers may provide services like patient personal care, helping with meal preparations, household chores, and yard work to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

If your family would like to request the services of our volunteers, please call Ameriprime Hospiceat 1-800-899-9790.

If you are an individual who would be interested to share your time, talent, and services as volunteer for Ameriprime Hospice, please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator @ 1-800-899-9790 or you can you can express your interest by sending your information via our contact form.

Thank you for your interest to serve. We will be happy to welcome you in our group.